Live Performance Videos of Toronto Singing Academy

Live Performance Videos

Chloe Lee

” Girl Scout” (from Beetlejuice)

Carine Sroujian


Zaria Elliot

“Goodness Of God”

Raya Korah

” Shape Of My Heart”

Ariel Weinreich

“Break My Heart Again”

Rocco Cornacchia

 “Ring of Fire”

Yara Orozco

“Tu Muñeca”

Zaria Elliot

 “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

Nair Cardozo

“When We Were Young”

Shawn Cleary

“Scared Of The world”

Loren Aronov

“When a Man Loves a Woman”

Lily Abramovich

“This Girl Is On Fire” 

Alex & Amelia

“You Raise Me Up”

Samantha Pesce

Ben Cherry

“I Don’t Need No Doctor”

Rochelle & Brianna

“All That Jazz”