Voice Lessons Toronto

Voice Lessons Toronto

Intermediate Voice Lessons Program

Welcome to Toronto Singing Academy’s Intermediate Voice Lessons Program, where we help aspiring singers take their vocal skills to the next level! Our program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and fun learning experience that builds on their existing knowledge and challenges them to grow as vocalists.

Voice Training Toronto for Adults & Kids

Our Intermediate Vocal Program focuses on teaching a wide range of techniques that enable students to unlock their full potential as singers. In addition to the basic vocal program, the intermediate program features more advanced techniques such as: 

  1. Vibrato: We will teach students how to produce a beautiful vibrato, adding a rich and expressive quality to their singing. 
  2. Vocal Registers: We will help students develop the ability to transition smoothly between different vocal registers, such as chest voice, head voice, and mixed voice, allowing them to sing with a more versatile and expressive tone. 
  3. Vocal Runs & Riffs: Ornamentations and embellishments that involve quickly moving between notes, often used in R&B, gospel, and pop music. Our program will help students develop the skill to execute vocal runs, which add flair and excitement to a song. 
  4. Style And Interpretation: We will teach students how to interpret and convey the intended style and emotion of a song, enabling them to perform with greater authenticity and connection to the music. 
  5. Legato: Singing smoothly and connecting notes without interruptions or breaks.
  6. Staccato: Singing short, detached notes with distinct breaks between them.
  7. Glissando: Sliding smoothly from one note to another, either up or down.
  8. Falsetto: Singing in a higher register than one’s normal speaking voice, often used for emphasis or for creating a lighter tone.
  9. Pitch Bending: The ability to vary the pitch of a note by bending it up or down, often used for expressive purposes.
  10. Tone Color: The use of various vocal colors and timbres to create different emotions and moods. 

By the end of our Intermediate Voice Lessons Program, students will have a well-rounded set of skills and will be ready to take on more challenging songs and performances with confidence. We will guide students through a variety of well-crafted customized warm-up exercises that will help them prepare their voice for singing and prevent injury.

This voice program is designed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where students can develop their vocal abilities and achieve their musical goals.

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